"When you do what should be done, things that should happen will happen."

"All of life is purification of intents."

"One of the most important decisions we make in life is whose counsel to seek."

"All wisdom lies
in Experience."
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Mumbai Noir

Anthology (Collection of short stories) Edition

Type: Anthology (Collection of short stories)

Genre: Noir

Reviews: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13135167-mumbai-noir

Release: Mar 2012

Publishers: (India) www.harpercollins.co.in , (US) www.akashicbooks.com

Language : English

Price : 193

Lockdown Lessons

Type: Non-Fiction (will be available in Print and e-book Version)

Genre: Micr-chapters in Life /Sprituality

Reviews: (To be Published)

Release: Mar 2021

Publisher: The OPen Book Publishers

Language : English

Price: To be Decided


About Riaz

I write.
Because I love to. Because when I put that final full-stop, whether it is for a story, a blog, a book or simply an email, I feel a joy that nothing else can provide. And because I believe that that means nature intended me to write
I am an engineer by education, a facilitator of business and behavioral change by profession, a therapist by vocation and a writer by inclination.
And a learner for all times.
For a livelihood I take care of Leadership Learning and Talent development for a Tier I IT Services Company and I am based out of


I Look forward to hear from you, Drop me a message:

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