40 Days With God

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A pilgrimage is undertaken with the objective of achieving purity.

Millions of people each year go on a pilgrimage – whether to Mecca or Jerusalem or KailashMansarovar or Golden Temple or similar such place. Do we all come back pure and transformed?

In 2012 when I went on the Haj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca my reason was not as ethereal though. It was more out of a sense of meeting a necessary obligation.

I had attended enough sermons to know that those who perform the Haj come back as pure as a new born and honestly it sounded esoteric as much religious text does on surface. However as I started my preparations and spent the six weeks literally away from my world I realized that there is a science to it. That there is a method to the message.

And on my return as I spoke with others who had been to Kailash or other pilgrimages – and it is interesting how I found with ease such people within my circle – and understood their journeys, I realized that there is a standard design and an almost common process behind each pilgrimage which is bound to produce a similar outcome.

40 Days with God
is an attempt, through my own personal experience of Haj, to try and understand that grand design, unravel the method behind the process which makes a pilgrimage – any pilgrimage – a potential tool to achieve purity and peace.

Don’t we all seek that in our wrapped up lives today?

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