Ishq Bulaawa (ईश्क़् बुलावा )

Ishq Bulaawa

“All’s well that ends well,” – they say.

Life will end, that is for sure. Probably that is the only thing that is sure.
Have you ever wondered how you want it to end?
How does that thought make you feel? Will you be ready and willing to go if the time comes any time soon?
Ishq bulaawa jaane kab aawe (इश्क़् बुलावा जाने कब् आवे)
I was in Pune for a training program where I heard this song from the film Hasee Toh Fasee (हसि तोः फसि ) – two young lovers serenading each other. I loved the possibility in that opening line.
A couple of days later I heard about my Mamu (maternal uncle) being admitted to hospital due to high fever. He was in his mid-seventies and hale and hearty. A few days later it was diagnosed as pneumonia, then a few days later as lung cancer and then within a few days he passed away.
From walking four kilo meters each day to illness and death all in two weeks.
As he was being laid to rest in his grave, suddenly the song came back to my lips…
Ishq bulaawa jaane kab aawe (इश्क़् बुलावा जाने कब् आवे)

Of course, it will not come soon – that is what the mind is telling you right now. The mind may be right. And therein lies the opportunity.
Because the one sure way to end it well is to LIVE well. And to Live well means to live every moment, to experience every breath. To be your best you in every moment.
I spend my life like that – at least I make an attempt. And that is all that matters, to make your best attempt.
riazwrites is an important part of that attempt. A platform to share with you HOW I have found Life to be beautiful and how it is becoming even more beautiful each day.
And how simple it is to make it beautiful.
And I hope that whenever you visit riazwrites, you go back feeling good – and carry that goodness back into your life and the lives of people you touch.
Kyonki har mulaqaat ek yaadchod jaati hain (क्यु कि हर मुलाक़ात् एक याद छोड जाति है  )
Rishta ho na ho phir bhi rishta naya jod jaati hain (रिश्ता हो ना  हो फिर भी रिश्ता नया जोड जाति हे.)

That’s it for now. I hope together we create lives of beautiful goodness. Because…
Ishq bulaawa jaane kaba awe (इश्क़् बुलावा जाने कब् आवे)

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