My Story


What can you write about yourself when you are on a journey?

Only about your experiences of the journey, perhaps. And how it has impacted you.

I am on a journey to discover self. To be in a state of bliss every moment.

That is the journey I can tell about. About its twists and the turns, its peaceful quiet mornings, those questions that arise and the answers that come suddenly, out of nowhere, and that bliss when you understand the understood – only to know that one day you may understand it even better, if you be on the journey.

Those times when you realize you are losing balance and still you do, and then the reflection afterwards and some peace, only to fall again and vow to improve.

And the few times when the head bows and doesn’t want to get up – in conversation with the one.

Once I felt there was no need to bow or ask because that power was there within me – one with me. And it was fearful and beautiful while it lasted.

I once wrote – I am a faltering practitioner and I never give up.

riazwrites is about sharing what comes about in this beautiful journey with the hope that the journey of someone who comes here becomes beautiful too. At least for a few moments.

May be for a lifetime.

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