In the winter of 2014, I went through a detailed psychometric assessment as part of a training program I was supposed to facilitate. The assessment told me I had the right aptitude for counselling. At that time, I had thought writing and facilitation were my core skills.

In the summer of 2016, on the suggestion of a friend I decided to take up a 5-day certification course in Basic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) since I thought it will make me a better facilitator. I had no idea it would be my expressway into self-discovery and bliss.

The Basic NLP transformed my relationship with my spouse to at least two levels above what it was. A few months later I enrolled for the Basic Gestalt certification with the same facilitator (Anil Thomas). And then in the summer of 2017 I did my Master Certification in NLP where I had my first experience of becoming truly empty.

In 2018, modelling my NLP guru Anil, I repeated my Basic NLP and then before Christmas of the same year did the Masters in Gestalt at Pattaya.

In between there have been multiple bridge courses with Anil, and the wonderful Kalpataru workshop and some fascinating conversations over chamomile tea with Paritosh Sharan.

And there has also been an exhaustive coaching certification aligned to ICF (International Coaching Federation) conducted by my parent organization Mahindra.

Over these years, these practices have begun to embed, and I have often found them automatically surfacing in my conversations – which in some cases have led to coaching and therapy sessions.

I now offer this practice of Coaching and Therapy to anyone who would like to have these conversations with me. I will do these sessions every Saturday 9 PM – 10 PM IST. They are my attempt to practice, learn and share whatever I have received.

These sessions will be pro-bono (at no cost to the participant) till 31st March 2021, post which I may decide to charge a fee to help me recover my cost of maintaining this website.

Please find below a simple form to book a slot in case you have a goal or a challenge which you are dealing with. Looking forward to learning together.

Free Coaching/Therapy Session:
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