Building Forests through Sustainable Learning Ecosystems, Facilitation, Coaching, Therapy and Writing

As Head of Training at Tech Mahindra Ltd Mr. Riaz Mulla’s goal is to put in place a Digital Learning ecosystem that enables associates to become business ready (deployable) by learning what they want, how they want and whenever they want. This encompasses identifying and integrating training, practice and certification systems, necessary processes and policies and change management and communication for adoption. He leads the Role Based Academy providing multi-disciplinary curriculum for business critical roles in Management, Digital and Architecture Roles.

As a Facilitator, He facilitate Design Thinking workshops, NLP based sessions on Playing it Big and Workshops on Project and Program Management and Reflective Conversations

As a Coach (pursuing ICF Accreditation) He helped many clients in discovering appropriate actions to achieve their goals and build a mechanism of accountability towards it.

As a NLP and Gestalt Practitioner he uses NLP and Gestalt techniques to help clients overcome limiting beliefs, identify their core purpose and improve their communication and thus life. His aim is to build a happy working place through positive belief building and integrated action implementation.

As a Writer Mr. Riaz write stories of human drama; stories I want to tell and stories people can connect with. I also write blogs on learning and organization behavior. 

Mr. Riaz Mulla always hope to grow so that he can serve better. So that he can help people live happy lives and have happier deaths. And most importantly have one himself.

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